ProjectTime of Your Life

ClientNorth Point Community Church

DescriptionThis is the titlepack for North Point's 5-part series, "Time of Your Life." After many different concepts, the media team landed on using the clock as a connection between you and the value of the time spent on each activity. The story creates interest between seemingly unrelated scenes by connecting them all together with the ever-counting clock. It brings to light the question, "how do you spend your time?" A unique issue we had with this project involved the clocks in the shots during the 2nd half of the video. We decided the times needed to be sequential hours & minutes after we had shot it. The solution? Film the clock on a desk at each specified time and composite in the new digits. It was an interesting afternoon of compositing & tracking, to say the least. Additionally, I created a digital version of the flip-clock in AE before we decided to just film the actual device again (and it wasn't too shabby, if I do say so myself). In the end, filming the actual clock was a smart move. Working with the North Point Media team continues to prove itself a fantastic experience; through both the people I work with and the content we create.

TechnologyPhotoshop, After Effects, Final Cut Pro

Director: David Robertson

Editor/Motion Design: Nathan K. Boyd
Director of Photography: Bradley Peck
Sound Post: JJ Brummett




My name is Nathan K. Boyd & I’m a motion media designer.